Heartfelt Thanks to Team Larry

Yes, it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post. So sorry! The excellent reason for delay is that I’ve been steadily interviewing for – and am now embedded in – my new role as Director of Marketing at Windward, a reporting software company with a smart team, solid products and amazing potential.

boulderNovember 6 was my Day 1, and the past week has been more or less a caffeinated blur of meetings, lunches, and commuting to Boulder (office location noted on the right). Exciting times!

But First, A Moment of Gratitude

I want to extend a ginormous thanks to the eclectic group I have come to think of as “Team Larry.” I am blessed with a outsized collective of friends, family, colleagues, and networking acquaintances. You all, in ways huge and small, have helped me through to the next step in my career. A few of the notables among you:

  • Lori – my loving wife who never worried and continues to help me see the best in myself
  • Jim – best boss ever and the fabled King of Networkistan
  • Coach Brian – for your enduring focus on helping me to understand me, and for convincing me to start this blog
  • Charles – for my summer office, your steadfast support, and all that Ink coffee
  • Brett – for the Windward recommendation
  • Marilee, Heather, Troy, Hilary, Lisa, Jessica, John, Jon, Monique, Susan, Richard, Jonathan, Kim, Eric, Dave, Tom, Mike, Charlie, Melissa, Maureen, and Jim – for the leads, connections and quality conversations
  • Jim, Dan, Dave and Kathi – for your fine referrals (delivered or not)
  • Tracy and Kate – for your outstanding local networking groups
  • Smita, Kathy, Kathi, Chris and Ellen – for your kind LinkedIn recommendations (I’ll miss working with you)
  • Jane and my extended family – for your love, regular check-ins and moral support

I have little doubt that I have inadvertently left out many fine folks in the above listing (Alan, Janet, Andy, Sarah, Tamara, Stephanie, Kara, Jeffy, Craig, Robert, Tim, Ernie, Chris, Dave, the guys at MNDC and the Steck Dads come to mind). Please forgive me!

Rest assured that your kind words, friendship, and abiding interest have meant the world to me. I am humbled by so many friends, new and old, who went out of their way to help in my job search. I look forward to the opportunities when I can return so many favors. Team Larry rocks.

Okay. Enough gushing. Coming up in a few days – my return to regular blog posts. I’ve had a number of issues on my mind lately, including a good retail operations story that should tickle my editors at Quality Digest). You’ll see.