When and Why to Place Your Web Site

It’s now pro forma for organizations to include their Web domain on just about everything: stationary, email signatures, flyers, business cards and the tchotchkes you give away at tradeshows. Even tattoos.

And why not? The text doesn’t take up much room, it’s handy for prospects and customers, and it reinforces your organization’s name and brand. But before you go overboard placing your URL on every little thing, I recommend that you step back and see just how much more you can make of the opportunity.

Case in point: Recently, I was drying my hands at the airport (avoiding the use of a paper towel), and there, right before me was the name and Web site of the dryer manufacturer:


Spare, well spaced, and obvious. Nice work, marketing team. Check that one off the list. Probably thousands of people a day see that message in that one airport restroom alone.

But what’s the purpose here? Perhaps the marketing department requested the placement full knowing that, at some magical time, a restauranteur, contractor or titan of industry would make the instantaneous connection between the high quality of the hand drying experience and the immediate need for 15 hand dryers for the new building. Connection made, sale complete, ring the bell!

Not so fast. Two obvious problems here:

  1. There’s no way for a marketer to trace the sale to the source. The link is to the company’s home page, where the most Web traffic lands, and
  2. There’s no obvious reason or incentive to motivate a user to visit the company Web site in the first place. Where’s the Call to Action??????

My Recommendation

I see this happen all the time. Actually listing the Web site is a good first step. But why not take the opportunity to add a tagline/teaser and a unique URL? Add some character and verve to the space. Ideas off the top of my head:

  • FUNNY: Hands not completely dry? So sorry! Visit our Web site for your money back: www.website.com/wethands
  • CARING: How do your hands feel now? Soft and dry? We want to know. Share your experience: www.website.com/handsfeelgood
  • ADVANTAGEOUS: Are you a contractor? Find out how easy it is to buy and install our hand dryers:  www.website.com/contractor

And so on. Why not run multiple campaigns, each with a unique URL and call to action? Sure, those dryers will be in place for a good, long time, and you’ll need to like what you stamp there. It may even be costly or difficult to get the engineers and production line to adopt these changes. But you’ve got the full attention of your audience in the 15-20 seconds it takes someone to stand still and dry his hands.

And it’s the creative use of the moment that sets apart the savvy marketer.

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