Shoot me if I use these any of these 10 words

Seriously. Should I willingly utter any of these words, realize that this is not me, that I have in all likelihood been abducted and brainwashed or inhabited by an alien or otherwise malevolent spirit. Please release me from whatever has forced me to use any of these words in my business or everyday conversations. In no particular order:

  • turnkey
  • leverage
  • scalable
  • rubicon
  • rubric
  • paradigm (shift)
  • idealogical
  • parenthetically
  • vituperate
  • synergy

I should note that David Meerman Scott has a delightful Gobbledygook Manifesto that he published in 2007 and is well worth reading.

And in the beginning…

…there was light. Not a hyper-bright, pain-inducing blast of photons, but rather a subtle, dim emanation. Like the coals of a long smoldering campfire. Or that nightlight we have in the bathroom for the unexpected early morning calls of nature.

I imagine this blog is like that now, a slight flame that will be nurtured and built into something far brighter and far more engaging. I’ve never started my own blog, and I’m thinking it’s bound to be similar to when I adopted my first dog and brought her home. Sure, there will be some unwelcome turds in my blog house, but with persistence, treats and some rules, I can see how this may just turn into the sort of relationship that binds the soul. Sans the dog breath.

So, some guidelines:

  1. I will keep my posts concise. Short and sweet.
  2. Most posts will be wry observations on one of several topics that fascinate me. I expect them to include, but not be limited to: marketing, family, dogs, the English language, ethics, more dogs, and those bits of flotsam and jetsam that I find amusing, informative, and memorable.
  3. Unlike Emily Dickinson, I’ll begin by writing to myself but then slowly let others in to read my posts.

This is an exercise in discipline, finding my own voice as a writer, and perhaps adding some entertainment to the lives of others. Okay. I think that’s enough for one post.

Onward ho!